A New Way of Life
Posted by Kim Denicola on 02 Jun 2015 / 0 Comment

Well it is summer time, the kids are out of school and everyone are looking for reasons to have fun, be outside and travel. We are starting a new program to give you easier and healthier ways to enjoy your favorite restaurant meals at home. Our first recipe is going to be Baked Potatoes with Crawfish Etouffee. Bake your potatoes as you would normally, while they are baking you can prepare your Etouffee and have it ready. When your potatoes are done, place each on a plate and slice in half long ways. Now spoon the Etouffee over your potatoes. Always remember, all your seasonings are in the package. There is no need for extra salt, pepper or other seasonings. You can change your seafood to your own preference or use none at all. Enjoy this delicious meal and let us know how it was. 


Bisque Commercial Gallon*Etouffee*Pastalaya*Dirty Rice*Jambalaya