Even the Youngest Shoppers Love Us!
Posted by The Marketing Team on 03 Nov 2014 / 0 Comment

Hello Everyone!


Fall has arrived in South Louisiana!  Our weekends are filled with the 3 F's - Family, Food & Football!  Recently we were sampling at one of our local grocery stores and we were delighted to spot a Young Shopper with exceptional taste!  


She was obviously preparing for some family tailgating with her Denicola's Pastalaya!


Our Pastalaya is a family favorite and our #1 choice for children.  It has some flavor, so if you need to tone it down, we've got a simple trick.  Add a tab of butter to each serving!  This will balance the spicy taste! Generally we use chicken & sausage as the proteins for this dish, but just about any option will work. It is great with pork and seafood as well!




~The Marketing Team~



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