Grilled Black Drum topped with Spinach Bisque
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Hello Everyone!

Black Drum is a salt water fish that is a distant cousin to the popular Red Drum used for "Blackened Redfish".  It is a great choice for grilling indoors or out!  Here is our recipe!



·      Black Drum Filets

·      2 TBS Extra Virgin Olive Oil

·      2 TBS Butter

·      1 lemon

·      Seafood Seasoning

·      Salt & Pepper to taste


Cooking directions for Drum:


·      Cover the bottom of a black iron skillet with EVOO.

·      Pat the filets dry with a paper towel.

·      Lightly coat filets with EVOO and sprinkle both sides with Seafood Seasoning, salt & pepper

·      Heat skillet on medium temp, add butter to skillet

·      Grill drum filets for approximately 5 minutes per side, squeezing fresh lemon juice over fish prior to flipping.

·      Place skillet in a warm oven (225 F) if Bisque is still cooking.


Spinach Bisque Topping:



·      1 package Denicola’s Bisque

·      2 cups water

·      1 package of thawed frozen spinach or bag of fresh spinach, cleaned

·      1 cup heavy whipping cream



·      Heat up 2 cups water and 1 package of Bisque over a low fire for 10 minutes, whisking often

·      Add spinach to mixture and continue to cook for another 5-8 minutes until warmed, stirring often.

·      Add one cup of heavy whipping cream and heat up for several minutes.

·      Plate Drum Filets and top with thickened Spinach Bisque.


* Can be served over a bed of orzo 




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