Gumbo Weather!
Posted by The Marketing Team on 29 Dec 2014 / 0 Comment

Hello Everyone!


The weather is begging us to pull out our gumbo pot and stir up one of Louisiana's most beloved concoctions!  With Denicola's Gumbo Gourmet Mix, we take the "work" out of this dish.  Normally you would need to start with a Roux, add the trinity (bell peppers, onion & celery), season and then add your liquids and seafood or meats.  With our Gumbo mix, all you do is add water, simmer for 30 minutes, then add your meats or seafood and cook another 45 minutes and serve over rice!  It can't get much easier than that!


Serve with a side of potato salad!


~The Marketing Team~


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