It Begins Again
Posted by K-Den on 11 Aug 2014 / 0 Comment

Hello everyone, well today is the first day of school. Wow another year has gone by. This weekend was a super busy but exciting time. It took a lot to get 3 kids ready for today. As I stood back and looked at all the bags piled on my counter full of pens, pencils, paper, and the really important stuff socks, belts, etc. I realized, I had to get all this separated and organized but I also had to get dinner ready for a hungry bunch of shoppers. Well that's why I started Denicola's Foods, for just such moments. A pot of water, a bag of Pastalaya, some chicken cut up. This time, I added cut up pieces of pork chops from the night before. Stir it all together, put a lid on and your done. (I lifted the lid once or twice when I walked by just to make sure it wasn't sticking AND to fill the houe with the smell). With a little help from the only other girl in the house Megan, we got it all separated and distributed to everyone's room just in time for dinner to be served. As I sat around our dinner table and listened to the laughter about past years and the nervousness in their voices about their upcoming year. I realized that the time spent at that table, rather than in front of a stove, is a gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy your family tonight. 

I'll let you know how the first day went.

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