Meet our Owner!
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Hello Everyone!


Several years ago, our owner, Kim Harris Denicola, set out to make life easier in the kitchen for working families.  She realized that no one had time to "slave over" a stovetop all day as her grandmothers once did.  Pulling from  traditional Louisiana fare, she created dry gourmet mixes loaded with flavor, yet simple to make.


The thought was to manufacture products that could be prepared with a few key ingredients in a small amount of time.  Kim's Bisque, Pastalaya, Jambalaya, Dirty Rice and Etouffee are all ready to serve within 30 minutes!  Her gumbo mix is ready in less than 2 hours, shaving off hours of cook time for the traditional Louisiana soup!


Kim is the daughter of two very entrepreneural parents and was raised in a "work for yourself" atmosphere.  Taking knowledge garnered from her parents, she set out on the path to take her food company national.  She has surrounded herself with a top-knotch team to manage the details, all under her supervision and leadership!  With the solid support of her husband, David, Kim and her team are launching her food company nationally this year!


Denicolas coming to a grocery store near you!


~The Marketing Team~



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